Our whitewater paddles have been developed as a response to Whitewater paddlers demand for lighter paddles. We have created whitewater paddles that meet the lightweight requirements, yet remain very strong. Our Whitewater paddles are made with shafts made of Kevlar and Fibreglass, for strength and flexibility. All of our whitewater paddles can be ordered in any length and feather angle. Nimbus Whitewater Paddles are available with one or two piece shafts. Each shaft is made of kevlar and fibreglass for strength and flexibility. They can be custom ordered in any length or feather angle.
The Feather is a revolutionary paddle designed by
Steve Schleicher of Nimbus Kayaks.

The Feather comes in Graphite and Basalt Carbon. It has the excellent grip and forward propulsion of a wing paddle, but without the unpredictability of one when bracing or sculling. It's asymetrical dihedral shape combined with the concave spoon like blade, retains and concentrates your grip on the forward part of the stroke. The spoon centres your efforts with the shaft, and locks the blade in the water, eliminating flutter. The entry edge of the blade is thin to allow for easy entry into the water and the back is smooth in order to reduce lifting water on exit. This paddle is
designed for experienced paddlers.



The blade is 16.5cm (6.5") wide by 48cm (19") long. The Feather paddle weighs approximately 30oz (0.85kg).
The Graphite Feather
The Current Mate rodeo blade is available with either fibreglass or graphite blades
It weighs between 30 and 32 ounces (0.85-0.91kg)
The Ashnola Blade is available in fibreglass
It weighs between 30 and 32 ounces (0.85-0.91kg)
The Current Mate
The Ashnola