Carbon Fiber Feather

The Feather is a revolutionary paddle designed by
Steve Schleicher of Nimbus Kayaks.

Steve wanted to introduce the high-efficiency and speed of a winged racing paddle to kayak touring, while incorporating the versatility and stability of a touring design. It has the excellent grip and forward propulsion of a winged racing paddle, but without the unpredictability of one when bracing or sculling.


  • It’s asymmetrical dihedral shape combined with the concave scooped blade, retains and concentrates your grip on the forward stroke.
  • The scooped design centres your efforts with the shaft, righting itself, and locking the blade in the water, eliminating flutter.
  • The entry edge of the blade is thin to allow for easy entry into the water and the back is smooth in order to reduce lifting water on exit.
  • Ideal for experienced paddlers looking for a more advanced race-style experience incorporated in their kayak excursions.
  • Suitable for experienced paddlers in moderate ocean conditions

Weight and Dimensions:

  • Carbon Fiber & B/C – 850 grams (30oz)

Available in Carbon Fiber or Basalt/Carbon blade with a two-piece Carbon Fiber shaft.


Carbon Current Mate

The Current Mate is our rodeo style whitewater blade that has been designed in response to the demand from fellow whitewater paddlers looking for a stiffer, more durable and responsive paddle, but didn’t want the trade-off of unnecessary additional weight. 

That is why we have taken the same principals used in our touring line, keeping our designs simple and light-weight, with the Current Mate coming in at only 150 grams  heavier than the Wave Walker.

We have engineered a more rigid and durable blade structure to hold up to the high demands and abuse it has to face in the turbulent and rocky environments of rivers and exposed ocean shorelines. 


  • Wide, reinforced spine for a stiffer design
  • Reinforced internal fiberglass layers for greater strength and durability
  • Additional layering in the tip with a flattened shape for more protection on rocks
  • Unique shape with downward trim and a wide power-face ensuring as much contact with the water as possible when using an aggressive high-angle stroke.
  • Ideal for all whitewater conditions – whether that be river running, play boating, creeking, or tidal surfing
  • Light weight 
    • Carbon Fiber & B/C – 920 grams (32oz)
    • Fiberglass – 990 grams (35oz)

Available in Carbon Fiber, or Fiberglass blades, with your choice of a one or two-piece fiberglass shaft.

Surge Narrows tibal rapids

Keep an eye out for new additions to this section as we are always innovating and introducing new designs. 

Living on the West Coast affords us the time to get on the water ourselves and think up new ways to improve the paddling experience.