First and foremost Nimbus Paddles are 100% designed and handmade in our shop, located in British Columbia, Canada. Something that can't be claimed by most of our competitors. The majority of our materials are sourced exclusively in North America, meaning we are not as effected by many of the extreme shipping delays that can happen with overseas production.

 Another positive result of making our own parts is that if we don't have it in stock, we can make it in stock in a relatively short time frame. This greatly improves our ability to make you a fully customized kayak paddle to your own standards. Blade and shaft materials, length, feather angle, and breakdown options are all choices you get to make. Your choices don't have to be limited by stock. 


Our paddle blades are all handmade in either fiberglass or carbon fiber weaves which provide their own unique benefits, and can be paired with your choice of carbon fiber or fiberglass shafts. 


With its strength to weight ratio, Carbon Fiber is the most preferred material used in our kayak paddles.

 Its extreme light-weight properties make it ideal for long distance paddling. Why waste your energy carrying excess weight, when it can be better invested in your stroke.

 Other than minimal weight, the other benefit for many paddlers is in the stiffness of carbon fiber. Being very rigid, it holds its shape under pressure, giving a much more responsive and confident stroke.

Our Fiberglass blades are the most recognizable among our paddles, as they are the most popular of our fleet. Often seen being used by tour companies and outfitters for its durability, strength, and low cost when combined with a fiberglass shaft.

 While being an inexpensive option, many paddlers prefer the attributes of fiberglass. Its flexibility and strength make it one of the most durable and reliable materials offered in a paddle, and handle rough waters and rocky shorelines better than most other materials.

 It comes in solid white, making it highly visible from a distance, or when dropped in the water. 


Like our blades, Nimbus Paddle shafts are also made in house by hand. We make each piece every step of the way, to ensure high quality and strength. We currently offer 2 different straight shafts in either carbon fiber or fiberglass. Each one has an oval grip for a more natural and comfortable feel in hand. Depending on models, they are available in one, two, and four piece paddles. 

Nimbus carbon shafts have an external layer of carbon fiber giving the shaft more stiffness, a greatly reduced weight, and is reinforced for strength with an internal layer of fiberglass. Its low weight goes well with long paddle excursions, and for those looking to limit weight as much as possible.

Besides its lower price-point, many paddlers prefer the characteristics and benefits of fiberglass. It makes up for a slightly higher weight with its toughness and durability compared to other materials. Its flexibility adds to the shaft’s strength and is an aspect many prefer when paddling turbulent coastlines and rivers.


Nimbus paddles can be optioned as a 2 or 4-piece breakdown shaft, as they are preferred for storage, transport, and for use as a spare paddle. As a 4-piece your paddle can fit in standard carry-on luggage or inside any size kayak, making for a great white water spare.

Paddles come with a Standard Adjustable 3-hole ferrule design, providing angle positions of 60°L, 0°, 60°R. However, some paddlers may be accustomed to a single feather angle (eg. 15°, 30°, 45°) suited to them, and in that case we can provide a single custom feather. Choose the Custom option when ordering and we will contact you for your specifications.

 No gimmicks, complicated design, heavy components, or complex parts. Simply lock it in, and go.