The Feather Full Carbon

The Feather Full Carbon

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The Feather is a revolutionary paddle in a category of its own; designed by Steve Schleicher, founder of Nimbus Kayaks (Rainforest Designs).

Steve wanted to introduce the high-efficiency and speed of a winged racing paddle to kayak touring, while incorporating the versatility and stability of a touring design. 

It has the excellent grip and forward propulsion of a winged racing paddle, but without the unpredictability of one when bracing or sculling.

Instead of the extreme scooped upper edge on a conventional winged design, the Feather reverses it to an asymmetric dihedral. This not only removes many of the drawbacks associated with winged paddles (including their tendency to dive), but improves the design by turning it into a more versatile blade.

It is the winged paddle that does more than just go fast in a straight line.

100% handmade on the West Coast of Canada using high quality woven materials, sourced within North America.

Comes standard as a 2-piece breakdown for ease of transport and touring. 


  • It’s asymmetrical dihedral shape combined with the concave scooped blade, retains and concentrates your grip on the forward stroke.
  • The scooped design centres your efforts with the shaft, righting itself, and locking the blade in the water, eliminating flutter.
  • The entry edge of the blade is thin to allow for easy entry into the water and the back is smooth in order to reduce lifting water on exit.
  • Ideal for experienced paddlers looking for a more advanced race-style experience incorporated into their kayak excursions.
  • Suitable for experienced paddlers in moderate ocean conditions.
  • Carbon fiber foam core blades, carbon fiber shaft.

 Carbon Fiber – 700 grams (25oz)