All Nimbus Paddles are backed by a 2 YEAR IN HOUSE WARRANTY on any and all damages associated with manufacturing defects. If you experience damage or breakage caused by a manufacturing/quality defect, we will repair or replace your paddle free of charge. Let us know what the issue is, send us all parts of the paddle, and we will send you a full replacement or repair free of charge (shipping will only be covered one way for return shipment).
What your warranty does not cover:
  • Basic wear and tear from regular use; scratches, dings, and chips from contact with rocks and other objects.
  • Major damage or breakages from excessive/reckless abuse; pushing or prying off rocks, dragging along shorelines and riverbeds, etc.
  • Non-paddling related damage or breakage; using your paddle as a shovel, running over it with a car, etc.

Caring for your Nimbus Paddle:


  • Remember: your Nimbus Paddle is meant for the water, the best way to keep your paddle looking new is to practice good paddling technique and avoid contacting the shoreline or pushing off of rocks.
  • For 2 and 4-piece paddles; break down all components and rinse the ferrule(s), snap-button(s), and inside shafts with warm, soapy, freshwater to remove built-up debris and salt before storing away for extended periods. This is especially important for coastal paddlers as salt can build up in and around components causing abrasion damage and/or make it difficult to separate if left for some time in storage.
  • When not in use, store away from direct sunlight.
  • Get on the water and enjoy!

If your Nimbus Paddle warranty has expired we can still repair many forms of damage or breakage in our shop for relatively low cost. 

We also provide repair services on most other brands of composite paddles. Feel free to email us a few photos of the your damaged paddle for us to assess and provide a price quote. 

For warranty and/or repair inquiries please contact us